Planning a big event in Columbia?

Events are one of the best ways to get your message out there. As you look to plan your next event in the South Carolina midlands, I can help you make sure your event makes headlines and meets your communications goals.

I’ve worked on events at the highest levels, where every detail matters and there’s no room for error. I’ve launched candidacies, celebrated victories, planned inaugurations, staged press conferences, produced live-streams, launched products and services, and more. Whether you need to plan a rally for thousands of people or need an intimate client dinner to go smoothly, I’ll use my background in campaign advance to make sure your event is exactly right.

I’ve worked with small businesses, non-profits, corporations, campaigns and political committees, conventions, inaugurations, and even the White House. I’m ready to work with you.


  • Crafting “the moment”

  • Event design, decor, site selection, signage, wayfinding

  • Staffing and volunteer planning, management

  • Production management, vendor selection

  • Crowd management and access control, credentialing, ticketing

  • Live-stream production, media production and photography

  • Media logistics and coordination, press advance

  • Event marketing and promotion, communication strategy

  • Crisis communication

If you speak advance: I’m a lead/site, with significant experience in major crowd events. I’ve worked for OFA, DNC, HFA, PIC 2013, DNCC 2012, and others.


I’m ready to work on events of all sizes, with various budgets and constraints.

  • Political

    • Crowd events, rally, fundraiser, OTR, press conference, roundtable, bus tours

    • Convention, inauguration, Election Night

    • Democratic, non-partisan, or official government events only.

  • Corporate

    • Product announcements, dinners, press conferences, conventions, conferences, all-hands meetings

  • Special Events

    • Non-profit fundraiser, festival, arts performances, gala


I specialize in events with specific communications goals — think an event attended by the media. While my skillsets could be used to help you plan a wedding, except for spending two years catering on the weekends in high school, I’ve never done a wedding. There’s no shortage of great wedding-focused event planners in Charleston.