I'm a strategy consultant in Charleston, S.C. helping small businesses, individuals, and non-profits develop new ideas and solve consequential problems.

It's hard to describe exactly what I do, but I have a diverse background—I’ve worked in politics and media, event production, served on non-profit committees, and owned my own branding and digital design agency—and it’s my hope that that background leads me to projects just as diverse and compelling.

Mostly, though, I run a simple business: I charge a lot of money to do the things I'm great at for people who know it's a bargain. I'm available for projects starting in late January 2018. Get in touch now.

Here are my areas of focus — the things I'm great at:

  • Brand and Digital Strategy and Design
  • Event Design, Production & Logistics
  • Strategic Communication
  • Gut Checks
  • Hugs (which are of course, complimentary)