But here's what you'll pay for:

That awesome feeling when I'm able to pry you out of a creative rut and get your marketing project going again—once I show you how to use design thinking to your advantage.

The joy of event day, seeing your big risk pay off and your new festival get off the ground—after I've helped you master the details and pushed you to take the leap.

Knowing that you're free to focus on your "other duties as assigned"—that you hired a smart creative who is cool under pressure and ready to take care of whatever you throw my way.


Whether you're a small business who just needs a spark to ignite your business, an entrepreneur with a big idea and in need of extra confidence, or a non-profit leader who just wants to have some extra help, I'm ready to bring my expertise to your next project.

It's hard to describe exactly what I do, but I have a diverse background—I’ve worked in politics and media, event production, served on non-profit committees, and owned my own branding and digital design agency—and it’s my hope that that background leads me to projects just as diverse and compelling.

Mostly, though, I run a simple business: I charge a lot of money to do the things I'm great at for people who know it's a bargain. I'm available for projects starting in late January 2018. Get in touch now.

Here are my areas of focus — the things I'm great at:

  • Brand and Digital Strategy and Design

  • Event Design, Production & Logistics

  • Strategic Communication

  • Gut Checks

  • Hugs (which are of course, complimentary)