I designed an all new way for WDAV’s fans to listen to classical music.



WDAV Classical Public Radio
Davidson, N.C.


Digital Strategy
Art Direction
Research & User Testing


www.wdav.org_ (1).png

WDAV.org, the flagship web presence of one of the nation’s leading classical radio stations, WDAV, was in dire need of a rethink. With no significant redevelopment in more than 15 years, WDAV tasked Annex with completely rethinking the digital experience for the station. I led a 15-month effort to design and develop the new site, including requirements gathering, research, design prototyping, art direction, testing, and content strategy.

For the first time, WDAV’s online streaming could help their listener’s save their favorites, and help make WDAV’s programming even better. Designing a favoriting analytics system into the site plan means real-time feedback allows WDAV to use listeners’ favorites data to make programming decisions.

  • I developed a user testing and research protocol using ethnographic, quantitative and quantitative methods to gain insight into consumer preferences and capability, ultimately incorporating results into final product design.

  • Our design prototypes received 100% successful task completion rate among users tested, providing confidence the entire user population would adjust to design change with minimal interference.

  • I was responsible for navigating their complicated organization structure, ensuring stakeholder input across all departments, as well as executives from Davidson College’s external affairs division, who oversees the station.