Lately, I’ve been working on some really cool projects…



Oasis Grower Solutions
Kent, Ohio

E-commerce Platform Strategy
As part of a corporate reprioritization at Smithers-Oasis, I was asked to develop a bespoke e-commerce platform strategy for Oasis Grower Solutions with a goal to increase sales capacity by 20%. Specifications delivered best-in-class performance, including a feature set specific to client needs, rigorous adherence to industry best-practices, and full integration with existing inventory management infrastructure.

I developed and applied a robust content model to platform design concepts, maximizing the platform’s ability to attract customers and move them through sales pipeline, and I earned value for client by building an extendable strategy with components applicable to additional business units.


Communications Rollout for Nonprofit Executive Director
I drafted and implemented a multichannel communications rollout for a nonprofit arts organization’s announcement of a new executive director. The email campaign significantly outperformed the organization’s and industry averages and earned more than $10,000 in unplanned income, delivering greater than 4,000% ROI on project cost.

I created support materials to ensure leadership alignment on core messages through a multichannel strategy which included media outreach, constituent emails, and social content, alongside an email program that bested the cultural industry open average by 75%.


The Choir School
Charlotte, N.C.



City of Charleston
Charleston, S.C.

Opening Ceremony Live-Stream Broadcast Production & Digital Strategy
I produced an on-site live-stream broadcast of Spoleto Festival USA opening ceremonies on behalf of the City of Charleston, the first-ever digital distribution of the beloved civic and cultural tradition. It increased the total event audience nearly ten-fold and set city records for digital engagement, with social reach for the broadcast exceeding 6,000 people. I coordinated the broadcast with City executives and communications staff, and managed a three person production team.



James Smith for South Carolina
Columbia, S.C.

Gubernatorial Campaign Announcement Communications Rollout & Event
I produced and managed the gubernatorial campaign announcement of James Smith, who would go on to secure the Democratic nomination. Rollout included a 750 person rally event, press releases and media logistics, and social and direct-to-constituent email strategy. The rollout established the candidate’s frontrunner status and was covered widely by press from the state’s four media markets.

I created the visual branding and stage environment to enhance campaign message, and worked with candidate and his family to choreograph core moment. I also managed a 10 person event team, including campaign staff, volunteers, and production vendors.